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Retro Microphone

Meet Favor


Meet Ron the MD. He plays everything and has been loving music since he can remember. He is married to Tasha who sings with faVor.


Ron is an incredible musician and he is also a minister of music at his church. You can find him working in everything that has to do with technology.

Meet James. He is an incredible singer. He is a school administrator by day, and a singing machine by night.


You can find him singing at many events throughout the community. He is a Jesus lover.


Meet Terrence. He is an amazing singer who is very talented.

He plays basketball and he loves music.

He is very active in the community and youth ministry at his church.

Meet Greg. He has been singing for years. He and his sisters have sung together since they were children.


You can find him singing at weddings and other events.

He is a husband, and a father. He loves spending time with his family.


Meet Audrey. When she walks in the room, you will know it.

A powerful psalmist whose range is incredible.


She has a music degree from Bowie State.

Meet Rachel. Like mother, like daughter...Rachel is Audrey's daughter.


She is gifted and talented in every way. She is the youth choir director at her church.


Meet Tamara. She is a powerhouse. When she squalls, you are going to know it.


She has an amazing personality and she loves her family.

When Tamara sings, she makes you feel like you can do anything.

Meet Bonita. She is a phenomenal singer. She is a worshiper at heart, but will get in the choir and lift her voice.


She has been singing since an early age and is known for singing with her father, Pastor Luther Barnes.


Meet Virginia. She is an incredible singer who has been "churching" all her life.


She has a dynamic voice and an incredible range.

She is a school administrator by day and a wife, mother, and psalmist by night.

Meet Saunta. She has a beautiful voice. Coupled with her spirit, her voice is sweet and pure.


She is an office administrator and can be found always giving of herself to help others.


Meet Sonya. She will sing any part. She is very high spirited and helps when ever she can.


She works in Student Affairs and loves God, her church, and family.

Meet Cynthia. She is a powerhouse soprano.

She claims that she doesn't have a "wispy voice" so that she can belt her notes.


She is kind and has a sweet spirit. She is a wife, and a mother who definitely loves her family.


Meet Tasha. She is married to Ron, the MD, and she loves to sing.


She prefers to sing background, but when she is asked, she will lend her voice.


She is a loving wife and mother who loves her two daughters.

Meet Alethea. She is an amazing soprano who gives it her all every time she sings.

She has a loving spirit and loves to help others.

She is a wife and a mother of two young men who are also musicians. She loves to cook and is a fashion diva.


Meet Tobias. He is an incredible singer and musician.


He loves music and has an outgoing personality.


He is very gifted and is sure to stir your soul.

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